First, I’d like to offer my gratitude for the opportunity to bid on a project this fun and with so much creative potential. From all of us here at TRG, you have our sincere thanks.

We’ve approached our pitch in a unique way. Given the difficulty in explaining visual techniques such as editing, supers, CGI animations and post treatment; we’ve opted to spend the last 4 days on creating a visual demonstration video that shows how we’d like to approach the project. Below you’ll find that video.  As you’ll notice, there are some very specific elements we’ve chosen. The “color glitch displacement” with the supers and footage helps to sell the technology aspect of the video. Likewise, going from slo-mo to speed ramp offers punctuation to specific beats we’d like to hit on throughout the video. This video contains very relevant storytelling content; however, we’re not necessarily locked to it.  We also have options on how to approach the story and concepts as well. The 4 concept pitches beneath the video can all fit into the provided reference parameters but just offer different interesting ways to tell the story. Lastly, you’ll find our estimate which details everything that figures into our cost. 

Please note that while estimating this project for best practice we have surpassed the total allocated budget, though we have and are absolutely willing to discount to be where you are comfortable. Once concepts are finalized and approved, the number can shift lower based on number of talent, locations etc.

Day In The Life of T-Rex Day In The Life of T-Rex
To demonstrate the wide range of uses T-Rex tape has, we will follow an individual as he goes about his day. Our hero is a rugged, self-sufficient individualist who loves the outdoors, getting his hands dirty and doing things himself. We see him trail running, working in the garage, riding his bike to his job, doing the dirty work. In life and on the job, our hero will encounter instances where T-Rex tape helps him continue on his day. Supers will help tell the story, highlight features, and inspire the viewer to use T-Rex in his or her life, too.

One Roll in One Minute
T-Rex tape, as we all know, is used in small pieces. A foot here. A couple inches there.  Maybe a yard or two for that big job. Over its lifespan, a roll of T-Rex might do a hundred different jobs or more. This video shows them all. In fast-paced, quick-cut action, we see all the different jobs that one roll of tape was asked to do: Tape a shoe, secure a car part, you name it. The list is practical, it’s inventive, it’s fun. As we see the video play out, supers accentuate the story with comments on the product attributes as well as the different uses. In the end, we deliver a powerful message of versatility and strength.

Get It Together. Get It _________
“Get it together” means to get organized and do something the right way.  This video uses this common phrase to tell a story of versatility. For this video, we will show T-Rex tape in a variety of different situations, both large and small. As each scene plays out, a super will appear that comments on the action.  The video will start with someone using the tape to reattach something. As we watch the tape being applied, we see the super: “Get it together.” As the other scenes play out, the super changes, always starting with “Get it.” For example, we see a bike being taped with the super: “Get it going.” We see an umbrella being taped with the super, “Get it protecting.”  A hose is taped up, “Get it working.”  Approximately 7 or 8 scenes play out, ending with a strong call to action: Get it? Got it. Good. T-Rex.

T-Rex tape is strong. And that strength translates into a variety of different benefits, depending on how you use it. When you tape a hole in an umbrella, for example, strength translates to protection. When you tape a shoe, strength translates to comfort. To convey the idea that the strength of T-Rex offers wide-ranging benefits, we show different people using the tape. The video begins with a person holding up a piece of tape close to the camera. On it, written in Sharpie, is the phrase “Strength is Motion”. We pull back to show a person taping up a shoe and beginning a trail run. The video continues. Each new scene begins with a piece of T-Rex tape containing a “Strength Is” message, followed by someone using the product. A message of versatility and product superiority comes through loud and clear.