This video very much follows the story told by Ryan during the initial creative brief call. We’ll start with an artist sketching, then the sketched lines take off on their own and finish the artist's rendering. That sketch turns into a wireframe CAD file. From there we see the CAD file pulled up on a factory computer. Camera pans away and then we go through all of the different stages to the production of Duck Tape in the factory. Upon the completion of production, the Duck Tape is packaged, boxed and shipped on a truck. We’ll utilize a little bit of stock footage and some clever “Indiana Jones traveling” type motion graphics for this part. Next, the boxes of Duck Tape are unloaded and stocked on shelves. The consumer grabs one off the shelf and we see final application at their house. I have two videos that we’ve done that are very much in line for visual reference. The first of which is a video that demonstrates the early sketching stages of the video. The second of which is the cutting style and techniques that I would very much like to employ for the capturing of footage and editing of the video. It also shows the process flow within the video. 

Please note that while estimating this project for best practice we have surpassed the total allocated budget, though we have and are absolutely willing to discount to be where you are comfortable. Once concepts are finalized and approved, the number can shift lower based on number of talent, locations etc.