Chris Baltusnik
Account Executive

From an early age I’ve always had a very outgoing personality and have really enjoyed being around people. When I was in college I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to be in a position where I could utilize the social skills that I had always used to build and maintain relationships to that point in my life. From there, one of my college professors suggested that I look into a career in sales and account management in an industry that I am passionate about. Though I wasn’t 100 percent sure that was the route I wanted to go, I decided to give it a try. As an avid sports fan, I decided to send some emails out to front office members of the local Cleveland sports teams in search of an internship. I was fortunate enough to get a call back from the Cleveland Gladiators and the rest was history. I found that my professor was right and not only did I have a great deal of success with sales and service but it was something I really enjoyed doing. Immediately after receiving my Bachelors in the business school at Ohio University, I was offered a full time job with the Lake Erie Monsters. Within a year I had been promoted to a senior level sales and service position with the Cleveland Cavaliers where I was responsible for managing accounts as well as bringing in new ones. While there, my team was always working with the in house video production department making cool videos for our clients. After seeing the work that went into video as well as the final product, I started to gain passion for that side of the business. 

After spending the first three years of my career working in the sports industry and then another year in media/advertising, I had extensive training and acquired a great deal of knowledge in prospecting to find qualified clients best suited for our services, effective sales strategy, and of course (the most important) continuing to give top level service to current clients at any means necessary. With these skills, I still always wanted to continue to take my professor’s advice and work in an industry that I enjoyed so that I would never lose my passion. Needless to say, when I saw that TRG was hiring for a role that I was qualified for, I jumped in without hesitation. Lucky for me, TRG allowed me the chance to show off my skills and gave me the opportunity to join an already talented team. Since working at TRG, my skills have only been even more enhanced. Clients are the number one priority here and I have been given all the resources necessary to ensure that I am providing my clients with the highest level of customer service. A large part of my job is to make sure the client is always happy and even though our work speaks for itself, I have continuously tried to go above and beyond to build and maintain successful working partnerships. 

Within a few years of working at TRG, I remain passionate about our wide range of CGI, Video and Photo services. I will do anything and everything that I possibly can to get the out word nation-wide that you don’t have to just go to New York or Los Angeles to get the best in this industry.

Fun Fact

Borderline obsessed with Harry Potter. There is a daily struggle to cope with the reality that I will never become a wizard and go to Hogwarts :( LeBron James once watched me play basketball. :)

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

I like to consider myself a foodie, particularly with meats so what better place in Cleveland to frequent than Brasa

Favorite Project You've Worked On

Client: Faber-Castell


There are a couple in particular that come to mind, but I am going to have to go with a 10 product instructional crafting series of videos we did for Faber-Castell. Faber-Castell is one of the world’s largest art supply manufacturers and I personally have used their products since I was a little kid. This project stands out to me not only because of how fantastic the videos turned out, but because of everything that went on behind the scenes from start to finish. From calling the marketing department early on, to setting up a capabilities presentation and building rapport, then impressing them enough with our services to have them think about us when they needed someone to collaborate on a project with. Once the project was approved, it was amazing to watch our team from our videographers to our set builders, to our assistants work their magic and pull off an amazing set of videos. From my prospective a simple phone call one day lead to the creation of the final product and all the work that went on in between was the reason this shoot was so special. Oh and did I mention how amazing the clients were to work with? Because that absolutely helped too!