Bobby Dorrance
Video Editor & Motion Designer

I was in a TV class in high school - instead of PA announcements, we would do a 12 minute TV show. In that class, I started doing video editing for the feature stories we would showcase during the show. I loved it. It carried over into college. I attended Tri-C for film and really focused on video editing while I was there. Half way through my education, I was approached by a professor who mentioned a local photography studio wanting some editing work done. I took the offer and did my first freelance job for TRG. Work with TRG continued throughout the rest of my education and I was hired full time the week I graduated.

Fun Fact

Rock Climber.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

Cleveland Rock Gym, House of Blues, festivals, art shows, music events, basically anything that brings the local communities together.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

Cavs Playoff spots. Not only were they very fun to edit as there was an awesome original song created by a Cleveland native that was used for the spot, but, I also got to star in 2 of the spots, 1 along with my girlfriend, which was a very fun experience.