Simon Property Group came to us to do some CGI or (computer generate imagery) fake storefronts for un-leased spaces in their mall properties. The sixty-foot, floor-to-ceiling banners were created to look like real storefronts, instead of unoccupied blank walls. We created five different storefronts including technology, furniture, clothing and jewelry stores, and a restaurant. The images we created were so believable that it confused mall shoppers. Complete with racks of clothes, people, mannequins, furniture, and all things retail, customers were mistaking the storefronts for actual stores, and tried to enter the empty stores.

The Peabody Fire Department expressed concern that if there were ever a problem at the mall, people would run into empty spaces, instead of the appropriate mall exits. The Fire Department requested the banners be removed completely, however in a compromise between Simon Property Group and the Peabody Fire Department, it was agreed that a decals is placed at the base of the door indicating that it wasn’t a store, while not interfering with the integrity of the computer generated banners.