TRG Reality wanted to share with everyone some images we just completed for one of our newest clients, Barrette Outdoor Living. Our first project for them was brought to us by our friends at Liggett Stashower, who were working on creating three ads that communicated the advantages of the Barrette Fence, Railing, and Shed systems to contractors and commercial retailers. For the three ads, our CGI team rendered the Barrette products and placed them on stock photos that were often combined with TRG studio and location photography.

A combination of several of our capabilities! Can you tell what is stock and what we photographed? Shortly after wrapping up that project, we also created images for Barrette’s product brochures as well. We helped them overcome the quandary of finding a home that had all the design elements they wanted to display their decking systems, so we did some research and rendered a home just for them! Almost everything in those shots is computer generated, even the mulch!